Welcome To Goldenhar UK

Welcome to the Goldenhar Family Support Website. The site has been set up to support families throughout the UK who face the day to day challenges of supporting relatives with Goldenhar Syndrome and related problems, e.g. Hemifacial Microsomia and Microtia. The site is written and run by families who have first hand experience of this medical condition and are NOT medical professionals.

Under no circumstances should this site, or any links found on it, be interpreted as medical advice. Each case of Goldenhar Syndrome is different and the information in these pages are just a guideline for you to get an idea of what can be involved and where you can get help and support.

What you will find here are stories and links to help you find out more about Goldenhar Syndrome. Each case is unique and you should not assume that your child/relative will have all of the problems described in these pages – most Goldenhar children have SOME of these problems NOT all of them.

We’re here to help and support you.

Patron Dr Chris Steele MBE